Three Women

Three Women was written by Sylvia Plath in 1962 (some months before her death) for broadcast on BBC Radio’s Third Programme (now BBC Radio 3) and movingly explores in verse the very different experiences of the three women (or Voices) waiting in a maternity clinic.

The First Voice is a (presumably) married woman who gives birth and takes her baby home during the course of the poem. The Second, a secretary, has a miscarriage, not her first, and the Third, a college student, gives birth after an unwanted pregnancy, and gives the baby up for adoption. Many commentators believe that all three ‘voices’ echo Plath’s own experiences.

The piece lay practically undiscovered and unremarked for some decades and even now is very rarely performed, although it is now generally acknowledged as a minor gem.

Off the Page is pleased to present,

Shenagh Govan as First Voice,
Patti Holloway as Second voice and
Avita Jay as Third Voice
in this short (roughly 30mins) masterpiece.


The Hackney Post has a piece describing a recent production.

Cavelle Leigh wrote of the Camden Fringe Festival production in 2012:

Sylvia #Plath’s #ThreeWomen @EtceteraTheatre Well acted, thought provoking, simple set — a nod to the excellent writing. @CamdenFringe